Dating by Free Chat Lines Still a Thing?

In bringing you the best news on the web, we sometimes report the more strange and interesting things about the web, in this case, online dating by phone chat lines. One of the phenomena of the 80’s and 90’s, that is telephone dating, has moved onto the web in a hybrid online and traditional phone chat where singles talk, connect and ultimately date or any type of relationship they wish to pursue. Before, you would see phone dating services in late night TV ads, newspapers and magazines, but now the phone dating services have moved to list their numbers online, which has become a high source of phone traffic. Ironically, the internet eliminated a lot of phone dating services with modern dating websites and social apps, but phone dating is still a sizable niche that is reborn because of the internet.

Basic smartphones are made to surf the web and have gotten a lot more affordable, so advanced phones have literally taken the place of basic dial only flip phones of the past. This leap in technology and affordability has led to a resurgent rise in telephone dating where people use their phones to find dating chat lines, people who prefer to hear another person’s voice can easily call a phone dating service and connect to a real person. There are many websites that offers free chat lines number listings where people call in to date. There are several chat line providers, so having a list of the top chat lines make it easy for anyone to try out a dating chatline service, or multiple services at the same time. Most chat lines offer a handful of free trial minutes ranging from 5 to 60 minutes for free, then becomes a paid service after that.

You may wonder why people still call to date instead of the prolific online website or app dating services, well it’s because of the one thing everyone hates the most, and that is spam. Online dating websites have become flooded with fake profiles, spam profiles that tries to extract financial and personal information, and bots that send users to links to spammy websites. This causes people to get turned off by common website dating. But when calling to speak to someone over the phone, it’s easy to speak to a real human, and there is the appeal of dating phone chat lines, speaking to real people.

So the proliferation of affordable smartphones combined with the desire for real personal conversations have continued to make phone dating a thriving niche. Some of the biggest chat dating services out there are LiveLinks, Talk121 and Vibelines but there are many others, then you have websites such as Friendshipbloom serve as a portal of the top chat line phone numbers where visitors can instantly get to many of the most popular chat services in one place, eliminating the need for endless search online for a dating chat line. There are a variety of chat lines that are listed by categories such as by free minutes offered, locality, ethnicity and sexual orientation., so there’s someone for most everyone who wants to try chat dating services.

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